Slim Line Minimalist Windows – Portuguese Origin, offers HIGH-END WINDOWS for
contemporary architecture.

Slim Line has a simple concept that “Less is more”. Less visible track and frames, more
view and space is enhanced.

Our system offers an opportunity for architects and designers to create spacious and
uninterrupted views, maximizing the interaction with external environment.

Floor to ceiling without size limitation, glass covers all the surface of opening providing
a “WIDER VIEW” for the inhabitants.


The Minimalist Sliding Door

By limiting the amount of visible frame and track, we have created less interrupted light, beautiful expansive rooms, uninterrupted views, and maximize the feeling of interior and exterior spaces as the feeling of one!

20mm slim profile that can hold an 18m2 glass surface. Corner panels that open and may be concealed into a pocket. The lock may be personalized, with a multi-point system which can be locked with a key. The rail number is unlimited and can be concealed completely with flooring.


The minimal aluminum framing of SLIMLINE most popular large sliding glass doors is now available as a large, contemporary guillotine window!
The large sliding glass leaves can be specified up to a massive 6m wide and 12m tall per installation with the minimal aluminum surround framing.
Smoothly sliding open at the center these sliding guillotine windows are a fantastic addition to any contemporary architectural design and really add the ‘WOW’ factor to the glazing elements.

Pivot Doors: Make a dramatic entrance

Our SLIMLINE-OS-Pivot Door may be the most impressive way to customize your home’s entryway. Able to swing in or out, its unique distribution of weight makes creating very large openings with just a single panel not only possible, but desirable.

The massive glass on the OS-Pivot Door maximizes views and lets in light. Custom hardware allows it to open with ease and because it’s aluminum, the SLIMLINE-OS Pivot is low maintenance.

Invisible Frame

Slimline sliding doors with tracks hidden below the floor for a continuous flooring finish